Bad Afro Records Anniversary

November the 5th we'll celebrate Bad Afro Records 20 years anniversary!


We are proud to be on the Bad Afro roster. It is not often that a small independent Scandinavian record label can manage to stay alive for such a long time, especially not when staying true to it's values. Lars, the founder of Bad Afro, does exactly that! 


We'll play at Loppen (with Baby Woodrose and Narcosatanicos) at 22:00!

Your Finger Stirs The liquid Moon

Here's the new video for "Your Fingers Stir The Liquid Moon", the closing track of the a-side of "Magical Solutions To Everyday Struggles".


This is propably one of our most minimal tracks so far... 

Sean wrote the lyrics for the song during a long summernight last year. One of the very few nights we didn't spend in the bunker recording. When we woke a few days later, I read the lyrics and went for it! Starting out with an old drummachine, some slow sweeping synths and acoustic guitar, we wrote and recorded most of the track, along with the vocals, that same night. Kåre Joensen later added some addtional synths, to fatten up the sound a bit. 


For our German friends and others alike, here's a Vimeo link:





Bad Afro 20 years anniversary

Bad Afro Records 20 years anniversary party!


The 5th of November Bad Afro Records will be hosting a anniversary party at Loppen.

We will be playing, as will Baby Woodrose and Narcosatanicos!


The first 200 beers will be free, and the first 100 guests will recieve a free limitid edition Baby Woodrose 7" single!




Facebook event:


Germany and Netherlands

Magical Solutions To Everyday Struggles is here!

"Magical Solutions To Everyday Struggles" is out on Bad Afro Records now! 



This time we have tried to push things even further!



It's clearly a TSD Album! But it's our hardest sounding release so far and thematically

it's probably our darkest record aswell.

We isolated ourselves in our rehersal space, an old WWII air raid shelter, for 4 intense months during the summer of 2015, where we wrote and recorded most parts of the album. 

A lot of experimenting went down for this record, and besides our usual instrumentation we made heavy use of alternative soundsources such as harddiscs, heavy manipulated percussion, bowed cymbals and sampled loops.



As usual we also got some help from some friends. The Hobbit (ex-On trial/Anders) plays his guitar on a lot of the tracks, Christian Norup (Bite The Bullet) plays bas on 4 tracks, Kåre Joensen (Robot) plays the bas on one track and supplied some extra synth for "Your Finger Stirs The Liquid Moon", and Lærke Bang wrote the first part of the lyrics for Dark Kashmir.



The record was mixed by Dr. Hansen and TSD at Black Tornado Studios and mastered by Flemming Rasmussen at Sweet Silence Studios. 


Give it a couple of spins and let it grow!




The album is available on 12" black vinyl (with a CD of the entire album included!) and as digital download.


Order/ Buy/Stream at:

Bad Afro Webshop


Spring tour

In May we'll do a small tour of Germany with a single stop in the Netherlands. 


03.05.2016 - DE Jena, Kulturbahnhof 

04.05.2016 - DE Mannheim, Mohawk 

05.05.2016 - DE Nürnberg, Zentralcafé 

06.05.2016 - DE Stuttgart, Goldmarks 

07.05.2016 - NL Breda, Surf & Turf Festival


The line-up on this tour will of course consist of the TSD core: Sean Jardenbæk (vocals), Mads Saaby (Guitar) and Hans Beck (Drums).

Special for this tour, is that original member, Mads Løwe (Bas), will join in! Furthermore Martin Emil Funder (Guitar) joines aswell! You might know Martin from his own band, Deadpan Inteference.  You're in for a treat!


Due to medical conditions, we have unfortunately been forced to cut the spring tour a bit shorter than planned. We hope to reschedule the cancelled shows and visit some other time soon!


Pictures from Loppen

Thor Straten took some photos at the Loppen concert! Check out more of his stuff at:

Release and Concert


The 18th of March 2016 Bad Afro Records will release our album, Magical Solutions To Everyday Struggles on 12" Vinyl and as digital download. 



To celebrate we're hosting a reception at Route 66 (Copenhagen). Drop by, listen to the new record and have a beer. 


Facebook event



The day after the album release, Saturday the 19/3,  we will play a concert at Loppen, with Anders Stub as warmup!


Tickets - Preorder at billetlugen



Dark Kashmir

Telstar Sound Drone - Dark Kashmir

Dark Kashmir is out!


Dark Kashmir, the 2nd single from "Magical Solutions To Everyday Struggles" is now available for free streaming!


The full album is released the 18th of March 2016!


Listen at:

The Bad Afro Soundcloud or right here.

Release at Route 66



The 18th of March 2016 Bad Afro Records will release our album, Magical Solutions To Everyday Struggles on 12" Vinyl and as digital download. 


To celebrate we're hosting a reception at Route 66 (Copenhagen). Drop by, listen to the new record and have a beer. 


The day after the release, Saturday the 19/3, TSD will play a concert at Loppen, with Anders Stub as warmup!


Facebook event

Pre-order of Magical Solutions To Everyday Struggles

You can now pre-order the Magical Solutions To Everyday Struggles LP.


The pre-sale of our new full lenght album begins Thursday the 25th of February. 1st press is on black vinyl and includes a free CD with the entire album. Release date is Friday the 18th of March and pre-orders will ship the day before so most people will recieve it on the day of release.


Pre-order at the Bad Afro Webshop

Drugs Help!

New single and video out now!


Today the first single from our second full length album is released!

The song is called "Drugs Help" and it's available as digital download via any major music download site. Of course you can stream it for free aswell (Bad Afro Soundcloud)! Or even better watch the new video, made by Malou Da Cunha Bang and Kristian Hoeck!


The entire album, "Magical Solutions To Everyday Struggles",  will be released in exactly 1 month!

The 18th of March 2016!


Have a nice flight!

Loppen 19.03.2016

We'll play a concert at Loppen the the 19th of March 2016.


This is the day after the release of our new album, Magical Solutions To Everyday Struggles.

To make this evening even more special, we have invited Anders(se) to support us and play one of his scarse concerts! 



Tickets: 70kr.- Preorder at Billetlugen

Magical Solutions To Everyday Struggles

New Album, Magical Solutions To Everyday Stuggles, is out on Bad Afro Records  the 18th of March 2016.


First single, Drugs Help will be released the 18th of February 2016.

Stay Tuned!

Jaegerklause Berlin 2014

We've got a treat for you!


To kick off the summer and kill the waiting time while we're working on our second full length

album, we have chosen 4 songs from our concert at Jaegerklause in Berlin January 2014 and

made a FREE downloadable EP. 


Tracks: Evaporation, Feels Like a Ride, Golden Needles, Hurricane Fighter Plane.

Recorded live at Jaegerklause Berlin by Martin Mietke. Mixed by TSD. Mastered by Dr. Hansen


Download links:

Soundcloud - .wav (download starts automatic)

Bandcamp - Mp3/.Acc/.Flac/.Ogg Vorbis/.ALAC



TSD 10" picture disc single released by Subsuburban

It's now possible to stream or order our new 10" picturedisc single released by Subsuburban!


The package consists of the 10" picture disc along with custom printed blotter art and a Subsuburban mini zine. Included is also 2 exclusive remixes by New Firmament (US) and Bolywool (SE).

It's hand numbered and limited to 250 copies.

"Comedown" LP Back in print November 3rd

While we are working on our second full-length album, due to be released in the fall 2015,  Bad Afro Records has made a second pressing of our debut album "Comedown", which was  released in June 2013.

500 copies in transparent red vinyl!

You can stream the entire album, buy the digital album or order the vinyl right here: